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Frequently asked questions

1. Who can be admitted into the Training Centers?

Females ages 18-50 who are ready and willing to make a complete change in lifestyle can be admitted into Northern Appalachian Adult & Teen Challenge.  Our male center in Princeton, WV accepts 18-49 year old males.

Prior to admission, the applicants are thoroughly interviewed to determine their eligibility.

We also provide residential care for adolescent girls age 12-17 through our sister center, The Eastern Appalachian Teen Challenge located two hours from Princeton, WV in Fincastle, Virginia.


2. How do I know if I am a candidate for the program?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready for a complete change in lifestyle? Are you willing to submit to the authority of our staff? Are you ready to give up your present lifestyle? Are you ready to let Jesus heal you?

If you can answer yes to each of these questions, you’re probably ready for Adult & Teen Challenge.


3. Are the facilities clean and well-maintained?

Most definitely! As an Honor accredited member of Teen Challenge, USA, the Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge takes pride in their well-maintained, up-to-date facilities. The Training Center campus provides a solitude, peaceful atmosphere. Following our latest 2018 accreditation review by a Teen Challenge USA accreditation manager, we received a perfect score.

We are able to ensure a safe, sanitary environment for our residents because the program is highly disciplined and well-structured.

The Training Center is inspected daily by our staff. In addition, the Harrison County Health Department periodically inspects our facilities and food preparation areas without giving our staff prior notice as to when the inspection will take place. Our staff and students take pride in their center!


4. How are the students disciplined?

Students who receive write-ups for rule infractions are disciplined by a discipline committee. Although the discipline can be tough, corporal punishment is not permitted.


5. Following the initial application and enrollment fees, am I required to pay for the help I receive at Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge?

The Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge is a faith-based ministry and receives no state or federal funding. God provides for the needs of our ministry through the generosity of friends, student’s families, churches, and other organizations. Therefore, students are not required to provide financial compensation for services rendered by our staff.

We do however ask families to cover the cost of curriculum and admissions processing which totals only about one month of entire costs to Teen Challenge for caring for the student during her 12 to 14 month tenure at Teen Challenge.


6. Can I tour the Training Center?

Yes. Individual and group tours can be scheduled by calling our office at (304) 933-3209.


7. Does Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge follow abuse prevention procedures?

Most definitely! Our staff are required to follow very strict procedures to ensure they and our students are protected. Staff are not permitted to be alone with any student under any circumstance! This is just one of the many strict guidelines we adhere to without question.*

* Prior to being hired for employment with Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge, an extensive background check is conducted on each applicant. Applicants with prior felony sexual abuse convictions are denied employment.


8. Can an applicant be admitted in lieu of incarceration in jail?

Nonviolent offenders may apply for admission after a criminal background check has been conducted. Once accepted for admission, applicants must have:

  1. Court approval,

  2. A written statement from the court assuring that the applicant will not be required to be present in the court on any other charges during the applicant’s tenure at Adult & Teen Challenge

  3. Written approval from a probation/parole officer, if applicable. The probation/parole officer must be from the county where the applicant was charged.


9. Upon admission, what type forms will I be expected to sign?

You will be expected to sign the following forms:

  • Application for Admission

  • Statement of Faith

  • Medical History

  • Student Enrollment

  • Approved Visitor & Caller List

  • Rules Agreement

  • Student Manual

  • Release of Liability

  • Statement of Responsibility for Liability

  • Limited Consent for Release of Confidentiality

  • Authorization for Disclosure (Notification Consent Form)

  • Consent to Inform Persons of Student’s Presence in the Program

  • Christian Discipleship Training Acknowledgement

  • Non-Refundable Fees Acknowledgement

  • Medical Liability Release

  • Statement of Responsibility of Fees for Court Appearances

  • Personal Belongings Acknowledgement

  • Civil Rights Waiver Acknowledgement

  • Release of All Rights in Personal Story

  • Christian Conciliation and Arbitration Agreement

  • Financial Holdings

  • Work Skills and Ethics Training Acknowledgement


10. Do I need to be concerned about illegal drugs, fighting, or other illicit behavior on the Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge campus?

Absolutely not! Our staff rigorously supervise all students. Therefore, illegal drug possession is not a problem at Adult & Teen Challenge. Upon admission into the program, students and their belongings are thoroughly searched for drug paraphernalia.

Since we only allow students who have a sincere desire for change to participate in our program, most have a positive attitude. Fighting or illicit behavior are not permitted, nor is it a problem on our campus. We are blessed that our students are, for the most part, unified with one goal, to serve God, our community, and each other.


11. What if I experience drug/alcohol withdrawal following my admission into the program?

Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge is not a medical treatment center. Therefore, if you feel you will experience withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, you may consider checking into a detox facility prior to your admission.

In the event a student does encounter severe withdrawal after being admitted into Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge, she is transported to a local hospital for treatment of the withdrawals.


12. Will I learn a vocational trade at Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge?

It is not our goal to teach you a vocational trade but to teach you appropriate ethical work habits.


13. Can I be confident that all of my records and private discussions with the Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge trainers will remain confidential?

Absolutely! Our staff are required to protect the confidentiality of our students at all times.


14. May I leave the program anytime I wish?

Yes. A student is not incarcerated and may remove herself from the program at any time. In the event a student steps off the Training Center campus, she is considered dismissed.


In Person

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Ckarksburg, WV 26301


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Call (304) 933-3209

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